Here are some of the most recent talks - for a complete listing click here.

Rediscovering Evangelism Part 2: Meet them where they're at (download)
John 4:1-10
Mike Williams, 21/01/2018
Rediscovering Evangelism Part 1: Vessels of God (download)
John 4:1-10
Mike Williams, 21/01/2018
Don't ask if I should go, ask if I should stay (download)
John 3:16
Norman Barnes, 14/01/2018
Hurry Up And Wait (download)
James 1:19
Jim Locke, 07/01/2018
The Glory of God (download)
Luke 2:8
Barry Mortlock, 24/12/2017
How will you respond? (download)
Isaiah 9:2-7
Matt Kefford, 24/12/2017
While Shepherds Watched (download)
Luke 2: 8-12
Mike Williams, 17/12/2017
Stay Awake! (download)
Matthew 2:1-16
Mike Williams, 17/12/2017
The Promise (download)
Luke 1:5-46
Diana Avery, 10/12/2017
More than a Baby (download)
Matthew 1:18-25
Mike Williams, 03/12/2017
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