Our Vision

We are an autonomous Baptist Church believing in the authority of the
word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our worship is contemporary allowing the opportunity to participate and
we believe that Spirit inspired worship is both intimate and evangelistic.

We are committed to body ministry and we endeavour to help members
discover and develop their ministry and gifts.


Our Purpose

Towards God
We exist to provide believers with
the opportunity to meet together and worship God.

Towards self

We exist to encourage believers to:
  • Be baptised in water and the Holy Spirit.
  • Develop their prayer life and biblical understanding.
  • Discover their spiritual gifts and become active in the body of Christ.
  • Live by faith and go on to maturity.
Towards others
We exist to:
Love and support each other.
Reach out to unbelievers in word and deed


Our Lifestyle

Church is about relationships not just meetings.
We seek to provide an environment where ordinary people can grow in their
love for God and each other.

Our teaching is based on the bible, which declares that the greatest
commandment is to love God and to love our neighbours.

We relate well to other churches in the locality and Reigate Baptist Church
is a member of the Baptist Union and Evangelical Alliance.